Albert Payson Terhune and Sunnybank

Albert Payson Terhune (1872 - 1942), a local author of some fame, wrote numerous adventures about Collies, most notably, "Lad, A Dog", "Sunnybank: Home of Lad", and "Further Adventures of Lad". Sunnybank, his home on the eastern shore of Pompton Lakes in northern New Jersey, was originally the home of Terhune's parents, Edward Payson Terhune and Mary Virginia Hawes Terhune. Later as his home with his wife, Anice Stockton Terhune, Sunnybank became famous as "The Place" in the many stories of Terhune. Much of the land once constituting the Sunnybank estate was lost to developers in the 1960's with the house being demolished in 1969. Fortunately though, the central 9.6 acres was preserved through the dedicated efforts of Terhune fans and dog fanciers, and is now Terhune Sunnybank Memorial Park, administered by the Wayne Township Parks Department.

Through the graciousness of Lee Winder, with contributions by Vivian Blendermann, Wayne Public Library now has a large collection of rare Terhune works, located with the Lockett Collection, this in addition to the many holdings in our Fiction section, available to be checked out. WPL also has several biographies available on Albert Payson Terhune. Listed below are several web sites, from which much of the above information was derived, to explore for more information on Albert Payson Terhune and Sunnybank.

Visit Terhune Sunnybank Park to see the plaque designating the former home of Wayne author Albert Payson Terhune a Literary Landmark. This site was dedicated on October 18, 1998. Friends of the Wayne Public Library acknowledge the help and cooperation of the Wayne Township Parks & Recreation.

For more information, visit the following websites:

Sunnybank - Photographs and text about Sunnybank as well as a bibliography of Terhune's biographies and more.

The Paul Bradican Website

The Wayne Lewis Website

1922 magazine article by George Bancroft Duren

Pictures of Sunnybank dog graves
View pictures of Sunnybank, Albert Terhune and his dogs.

Read Terhune's Dog Stories online!

red arrowAlbert Payson Terhune Display Case located in the Lockett Local History Room of the Wayne Public Library.

Special thanks to Wayne Historical Commission and House Museums
for the use of Terhune photographs.


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