How to Place a Hold

Placing a Hold for Materials Online

Wayne Public Library users may place holds on materials by using library catalog computers within the library or online by visiting the Wayne Public Library Web Site.

Online, visit the library web site at  select Library Catalog on the main screen.
Search the library catalog by entering a title, author, or keyword and choosing the field to search by clicking on the ARROW next to ALL FIELDS.

Once you have found the title that you want, click on the title to view the details for this selection, click on SELECT and ACTION, next PLACE HOLD(s).

Enter your library card's barcode without spaces and your 4 Digit PIN number, then LOG IN. Using the ARROW  under PICK LIBRARY: Select the library where you wish to pick up your materials. Then Place Hold(s). If there are multiple parts to the item like in a televsion series, click on the down arrow under volume and select the disk(s) you require. Then Click Place Hold(s).

For further information on placing holds, please see our Circulation Policy or call our Circulation Department at 973-694-4272 ext. 5210.

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Wayne-ChekIt , the mobile app for Wayne Public Library, lets you locate and search your library catalog wherever you are. If you are a library card holder of the Wayne Public Library, you can locate books, movies, music, place holds, renew your account and more with easy search features designed for Mobile devices. Your library at your finger tips! **Note: It is necessary to enable Location Services in the Settings of your mobile device.